When this comes of that

In my series of Wanderers I last wrote about how I added colour layers to the prints but the last print didn’t get the same sort of colour layer as the rest of them. This was purely “accidental” in a way. I always felt that the foot didn’t really fit in with the rest of the series looking at them all together.


There were bits of the drawing I was never happy with and also bits of the water tusche that didn’t print as I had hoped. I was thinking of scrapping this one from the series all together and maybe doing another foot, but I wasn’t really sure how I would go about it. To clear my head a bit I decided to just start a whole new stone, with a different style.

Lovely drawing of the four wanderers. Printed very well in the first proofing up.


But I was like: “wow, boring print man” and I new I wasn’t going to be happy with it. But I never like to waste a stone so I decided to just slather some sh** on it.


A few times me and Mandy have had great results when adding the Charbonnel liquid litho ink onto stones without resensitizing and as I was just up for letting whatever happen I wanted minimum fuss so this was a good solution. Again printed very nice.


Even got some greytones out of it. But looking at it all I could think was: “what a mess!”

I still didn’t want this to be a wasted effort though so after a bit of thinking I thought this might be a colour layer for yet another stone. Not one that I had already printed but maybe a brand new one. So I printed it in yellow as that is my favorite colour just to have a few printed ready.

L1050094 copy

Now I was finally thinking: “this could be something” and in a frenzy I grabbed one of my wandering foot prints and ran it through the press and Tada! Tres bien!


And that is the story of how that became this and a message to never give up on even your ugliest stones!



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