Colour me in

… with your blue (nei djók)

I love colour, and I love coloured prints, but doing colour lithographs is definitely a challenge compared to the old faithful black. Especially as I love my tusche as well and to get that printed properly you really need to use a nap roller which unfortunately we can’t use with our coloured inks. So I’ve started doing a lot of coloured prints recently and the way it happened was kind of random as most of the things I do usually are.

I needed a bit of an outlet and so I did a quick stone inspired from my favorite bits from my last series.


Drawn with my hands using water tusche and crayon details added.


I printed it in lovely black with the nap roller but I wasn’t really satisfied. It needed something extra and I had mixed this beautiful pink ink ages ago, so I thought, why not?


Turned out amazingly, but as it wasn’t designed for colour it didn’t really hold up on its own. As it was inspired by the last batch of prints I figured it might work well in top of those prints. Which it did!


Nice eh?

I was so pleased with this outcome that I decided to make new colour layers for the rest of the prints as well. Well two of them actually.

I made sure my tusche was extra dark, and after rolling it up with the non drying black it looked almost filled, I then gave it an Atzol etch to give it more contrast.

So three out of four Wanderers got a wonderful addition.

Something else happened with the fourth one, come back soon to find out!


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