Í gjótu

First of all I’ve got some great news for the Litho fellows: Our programme has been extended until the end of June this year! Woohoo! We’ve got a few more months for creating work and preparing for our final exhibition which will take place in November. The end of the programme seemed to come sooner then I expected, I really wasn’t prepeared to end it in March so I’m very happy about this extension.

I have now wrapped my head around the fact that it will soon be finished though and am starting to focus on my final output from the whole two years and a bit. So far I have pretty much been experimenting with both technique and concepts, so many different ideas have come and gone. I have decided to focus the last few months on creating a body of work that is focused on my drawing and my way of storytelling.

The first print is one I call Í gjótu which literally translates In crevasse, which doesn’t have the same lyricism to it, it isn’t about butt cracks… promise.


The Drawing is made mostly with crayons and water tusche. Inspired by one of these failed mokulitos.


This was one of those stones that just printed so nicely first time around. I did a few rounds of proofing, finding the right ink and contrast of the greys.

Pretty happy with that!


I finished the print shortly before Christmas and I usually give my family and friends a print for a present, but as everyone already has heaps I decided to screen print it on tote bags.

It was super simple, just did a photocopy of one of the prints, oiled it and exposed it.



Lovely presents for all!