2016 Art Chronicle

Another year flown by and a new one just beginning to bloom. The new year always brings me to reflect on the one before as well as looking onward to hopefully an even greater one! So lets get right to it, the 2016 Art Chronicle:

List í Ljósi – Art by Light Festival in Seyðisfjörður, IS

In February I got to travel back home to Iceland to participate in a light art festival in the town of Seyðisfjörður, one of my favorite locations. It was a celebration of light as the sun disappears behind the mountains for the winter months and reappears in the end of February. It snowed heavily almost the entire time, we got about 20 minutes of sunlight a day and even got trapped in the fjord a day longer then expected. Simply put it was amazing!

My work was a luminescent mural inspired by folk legend and nature.

The festival will be held again this year and I really recommend that if you are close by go and check it out.

Print Exhibitons in UK

Last year I got to participate in three different print exhibitions, two in Leicester and one in Long Eaton. Really feels that this printmaking bis may be paying of, right?

Small Print International

Is a touring exhibition organized by Leicester Print Workshop with loads and loads of artists participating. I was lucky enough to be one of those artists and got one of my prints accepted. Here we are at the opening night at Attenborough Arts.

The small print exhibition is still on, check here for locations.

Drawing Mela at Harrington Mill Studios

I got invited to exhibit a print at these artist studios, it was curated by artists who nominated another artist, who nominated another etc. creating a web of connections. Here are me and Mandy Payne with our prints at the opening:


Passion2Print – LPW’s biannual member exhibition

Last of the Print exhibitions of 2016 but certainly not the least was P2P or Passion2Print. Spread over three locations in Leicester showcasing the essence of the workshop. The works are up until the end of the month.

It’s gonna hurt – at Two Queens, Leicester

This exhibition was the highlight of the year for sure. Me and artists Freyja Eilíf and Katrína Mogensen worked for a week in a mini residency at Two Queens and ended the week with an exhibition. It was a part of an exchange with artist run gallery Ekkisens in Reykjavík, Iceland. We had such a great time and the work wasn’t that bad either.

See more about my pieces here and here. The three of us will continue this exhibition in Dzialdov gallery Berlin in March.

Lithography Fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop

My biggest project of the year was of course the on going stone lithography fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop. Starting in April 2015 the programme is almost over, only just a few months left. I’ll be sad to leave it but I’m sure some exciting things will take its place in the summer.

A few other things from 2016 that are also worth mentioning:

  • Participation in a mail art project with students of curating from Leicester University
  • Being featured with East Midlands Contemporary Visual Arts Network
  • Having a page published in Listvísi, Icelandic magazine about art
  • Being artist of the day with Prent & Vinir at Harbinger gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland

Thanks for everything 2016…

…bring it on 2017!


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