Mystery Mokulito

I’ve done a few more Mokulito experiments recently. I found loads of plywood in out basement so I decided to try using that for some testing, although it has been down there for some time and god only knows what it has been in contact with. But hey, it was free.


This was actually the same type of plywood, just different on either side, although I have no idea what type of wood this is. I thought it best to try both sides.


I chalked and gummed and left it for a couple of nights. When it came to printing I used Intaglio etching ink and plate oil and of course my sponge roller. I only did four prints as I could straight away that this wasn’t going to print impeccably. I blame this on the mystery wood, definitely worth buying some fresh ply.


They still have that woody charm though.


The soft crayons and writing/drawing ink seem to be giving the best results, you could even get a decent print from old plates like these using the drawing materials strategically I think.




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