Transferring hands

Did a solvent transfer the other week. I had this photographic image, actually a scan, that I wanted to print. Serena had gone through the process with us one time but I had never tried it before. Seemed fairly straight forward although quite a fickle process.


We tried two different processes, both using cellulose thinner and turps. The printer at the workshop is a new one and apparently not quite as good as the older one they had when it comes to these purposes.

Various print outs before and after transfer.

The cellulose thinner was definitely more stable and the turps added a random pattern all over the image. The solvents dissolve the toner that then transfers onto the stone and needs to be rolled up with ink so the image sticks to the stone.

To the left are the stones after the transfer, turps on the top and cellulose thinner on the bottom, and to the right after they’ve been rolled up with Noir a Monter.

Printed with Noir a Monter using the nap roller.

The prints were far from perfect but I think they still have some charm about them, a bit ghostly or otherworldly.


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