Work and play, food and holiday!

Firstly I am very happy to be the featured artist of the month of June with Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) East Midlands, I am a bit late posting about this as the month is almost over but it has been an absolute honour to be featured. Here you can read a little bit about my practice and an interview they took for their website.

Recently I have been traveling a bit, I went back home to Iceland for a bit and to New York for a holiday! It was absolutely inspiring to visit both places, meeting great people and seeing some fabulous art. As a result of my travels my time in the workshop has been cut back a bit lately but I am now working on a couple of things, both of which are still works in progress.

At the Guggenheim viewing Lázló Moholy-Nagy

Here are the two stones I am working on at the moment:


This one I started really just to have something to work on that I knew would work out pretty well. It has this pattern on it which should print nicely and I find very exciting, never used this stone before as it was recently acquired by the print workshop and needed some serious graining. I didn’t take many risks and, yeah, just did something bulletproof and nice as the other stone I am already working on is this one:


which is far more experimental. I am basically trying to see what I can get from the fat that is in fast food. This was done with a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. The marks are quite faint at the moment but I am hoping to be able to bring a bit more out off it before giving up, which I am sure I will do soonish as I already have a few ideas how I can do this in a better way. So I will keep experimenting with this over the summer, hopefully this will make for an interesting project. I am quite keen on it myself just now 😉



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