The things we do for love

Recently I was asked to do a very special project for a very special someone. I didn’t want to reveal too much about it until it was all finished and sent away, which it now is so…

Some time ago my sister asked me if I would print her wedding invitations, using my litho skills, as she is getting married this summer. Of course I was super excited to do so and after a lot of discussing and planning I started drawing my stones. We decided to make an A4 sheet that would be folded over, with a map of the wedding location on the inside and a figurative drawing on the front and back. It was great working for my sister as she gave me almost complete artistic freedom! (Takk, Ólöf)

They are getting married in a beautiful place in Iceland, Þingvellir, right where the tectonic plates meet and where the first parliament was founded.


This is the map I used to guide me

All in reverse of course. Made the writing a bit ehh… tricky.

I did have a bit of trouble with the writing actually, it wasn’t coming up as strong as I would have liked. I used turpsy tusche to write with, which was not the best idea in hindsight. Serena taught me a new trick though! I wrote over the letters with a permanent pen and rolled over with ink. Apparently the solvent in the pen soaks up a bit of ink, and it did make them print a bit stronger. For the rest of the drawing I used charbonnel writing ink, water tusche and crayons.


All rolled up!

For the other side I drew a couple merging in nature. A symbol of the bride and groom.



All rolled up!


Ahhh, beautiful tusche!

With help from Serena, we printed 93 copies! Took us just two afternoons, one side we got away with using the glazed roller and a mix of inks but on the map side we had to use the nap roller and the non drying black to get all the writing and the water tusche lake to print properly. Here they are hanging to dry!


And here is a closer look at how they printed



Just lovely!



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