Sand and stone

Hey, so recently I haven’t been writing much about my practice. Partly this is due to a project I have been working on for a few weeks that I can’t reveal just yet. But also since the LPW moved last year I have been lagging on graining my stones, so they have been piling up really since last autumn! Thus I have been doing a lot of graining. It has to be the one downside of lithography in my opinion, it takes ages and it hurts my back but you have to do it. At the end of the day it is always worth it when you see your beautiful fresh blank canvas.


L1030388-xL1030389-xL1010422-x.jpgIn order to remove an old image we have to grain it off, literally. This takes a couple of hours and lots of elbow grease. To grain we use various carborundum grit, course, medium and fine, simple enough. After graining we re-use the grit, this requires scooping it all up from the sink, washing it and sieving it .


Fun times!

A couple of weeks ago I had eight stones left to grain but now only two more and I will be rid of my pile of ungrained stones and I’ll try and keep it that way in the future.


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