One Year of Litho

It has been one year now since I started my fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop!

I have definitely learned a lot, experimented a lot and failed a lot. Still another year to go though, thankfully. All together I have managed to do 16 prints on 22 stones so far. This milestone has led me to reflect on my progress so far and to take a second look at my prints, a few I had even forgotten all about.

So please join me in taking a look at the lithographs produced over the last year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has been a great journey, I think I have quenched a lot of my curiosities. There are a few prints and methods that stand out over the year, techniques like resensitising I find fascinating, I love working with washes and tusche but what I am most happy about is that just in the last couple of months I feel like I have gained a lot of confidence with my drawing. Which was one of the things I knew I absolutely wanted to accomplish during the whole two year fellowship.

So I look back with a smile and look forward to what is yet to come, I have a feeling it will be an even greater year (or years by the look of it). Lithography is something that you never stop learning about and I also don’t want to stop learning, I want to keep experimenting and evolving my ideas as long as I am physically and mentally able.

I think I have been bitten hard by the litho bug…

To cap it all of here is a pic of me and Mandy at Harrington Mill Studios exhibiting some lithographs.






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