Lithography in Seyðisfjörður

I’m back in Iceland at the moment and currently in the small town in the east called Seyðisfjörður. It is a magical place where creative energy is plenty. Among everything else is the newly established Lunga School where young people from around the world come to study art for three wintery months.  Two of the girls are working in the Technical Museum of East Iceland and have gotten the old print workshop up and running. I was really impressed to hear about this and especially since they are doing Lithography! So I went and I met Clara Bro Uerkvitz and she showed me what she was up to.


Lithography press and quite primitive but very functional graining sink. Also they don’t have any Gum arabic but instead have been using Gumal Rot which is, from what I gather made of Eucalyptus tree but the Gum arabic is made from the Acacia tree. The red gum didn’t seem to be doing the job properly so they are trying to get some gum arabic sent to them.


Experimental proofs.


Clara and Freyja in the “workshop”.


Clara working on a linocut in the studio.

Wonderful visit to a wonderful place!


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