Printing details

I have printed my latest stones in colour now, which didn’t go without a hitch, but hey, does it ever?

I started with the black layer and chose the beautiful not so white Hahnemühle paper (although in this photo it does look very white but I assure you it is quite yellow).

L1030135 copy.jpg

Printed it with the Noir a Monter using the nap roller and the wasches came out just lovely!

L1030138 copy

Next colour was yellow, this was definitely quite tricky and it took me a whole day of just proofing the colour before I could actually print on my nice paper. Amazing colour though, I’ll never get enough yellow!

L1030217 copy

Found out that my registration was completely off, seemed like the yellow layer was just much longer then the black one which is odd. So I had to adjust each print to get the registration to where it should be. And the final print was red. I had decided to print it in purple before I drew the stone but the stone had a will of it’s own and demanded to be printed in red.

L1030216 copy

I find it quite challenging to work with the coloured inks. They can be very fidgety and you have to roll your stone very carefully but the result is always satisfying.

L1030209 copy-1.jpgL1030213-3

I think I am getting pretty good at this stuff now, I have pretty good control over washes and etches. My weak link is still the registration though, I just don’t have the discipline to do it so accurately.

I have started another experimental print as well. Haven’t yet printed it but it seems like it is full of potential. It is a continuation of re-sensitizing older stones, a sort of recycling of lithography stones and prints. Will make an interesting study for the coming weeks and maybe even months!


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