Drawing details

A while back I needed a different sort of challenge in my lithography practice. I had been working a lot with my molotovs and was getting a bit tired of them to tell you the truth. I wanted to challenge my drawing more and get into a new subject.

I started a print with three stones. I spent much longer time drawing them than I usually do and was focusing more on some details. The subject matter is something I have worked with in the past and is a manifestation of a divine, creative energy emerging from nature.


Did a big water tusche area on one of the stones but mostly used crayons and charbonnel ink for the rest.



This was all drawn before christmas so my fingers have been itching to get printing these. Last week I just finished proofing them all in black Noir a Monter ink.


All the proofs turned out really well at the first go so now there is nothing left but to pick some colours and put them all together.

Next week a few Leicester Print Workshop artists will be working on a curatorial project with some Masters students at Leicester University, me and Mandy are two of the artists, but I hope I’ll get a bit of printing done as well so I can complete putting this print together.


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