2015 Art Chronicle

Now that the new year is upon us I wanted to reflect on what I got up to in 2015. Not only in regards of my lithography fellowship but my whole art practice. So I am going to have a show and tell of some of the work, projects and exhibitions that took place in 2015.

Börnin heimta kjúlla – Solo exhibition in Ekkisens gallery, IS

The year started with a bang with my solo exhibition Börnin heimta kjúlla in Ekkisens gallery, Reykjavík. The exhibition was comprised of chicken themed drawings, video, textiles and sculptures.


In this exhibition me and Katrína Mogensen also exhibited a new video in our series, Næturdýr, which we have been working on since 2011.


Lithography Fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop.

On the 1st of April I started my two year lithography fellowship in Leicester. I am now nine months in and enjoying it very much. Of course I have already been writing a lot about the fellowship so I will leave up to a few pics to tell the story here.

L1010291fyrirbloggL1020420 copyL1020976-5 copy

HÁVAÐI II – exhibition in Ekkisens gallery.

HÁVAÐI II was an exhibition that tackled political and social issues and opened on Iceland’s Independence day, 17th of June.

L1010661-1 copy copy

Hústaka at Pólar festival, Stöðvarfjörður, IS

In July I traveled to a small town in the east of Iceland with a few fellow Ekkisens artists. We put up a squat exhibition in an old house as a part of Pólar festival.


Exhibition of Lithographs – LCB Gallery, Leicester

In November me and Mandy Payne opened our exhibition Molotovs to Modernism in the LCB Depot’s gallery space. It was an exhibition of our work process and progress during the first six months of our Fellowship.


I welcome 2016 with open arms and can’t wait to discover what is in store for this year!




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