Four colours on two stones

So. I have just managed to do a four colour print using just two stones! I am a pretty clever cookie sometimes. But no, honestly I hadn’t really planned it that way but that is just how it progressed, my two stones were just ideal for these sort of shenanigans.

L1020964 copy1

I love working with colours. I should mention that I am still working on this print, still looking for the perfect colours and the right number, four might actually be pushing it a bit in my opinion. It is fun to play around with though, especially as the number of colours gets higher then subsequently the possible combinations do as well. Here are a few of my trials:

L1020968-2 copyL1020966-1 copy

The “final” print (for now) ended up with four colours on some nice Fabriano paper. Voila.

L1020976-5 copy

I’ve had a few comments about how my older molotov cocktails look like bursting champagne bottles but hopefully the message comes across with this fiery orange and smokey grey.

So to achieve all these colours with only two stones I just rolled two separate inks on at once and printed them together, if that makes sense. This is what the stone looked like

L1020979-7 copy

I think this is still a working progress though, not entirely sure. I am taking a little break from my molotovs for now, I feel like I need a different sort of challenge. I want to challenge my drawing a bit more and get into a more emotional and perhaps ethereal subject matter. Some real deep, soul searching stuff.


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