Back to work at a new location!

Finally Leicester Print Workshop has moved!

And the new place is absolutely brilliant! It is big, bright and beautiful. Here are a few pics

Leicester Print Workshop

Lithography area in the foreground, we have a new press and our very own work bench!
The view from the framing room upstairs looking down at the main entrance and exhibition space.
Serena’s Light Up project seen from the educational space with the main print area in the background.

The Big Move is not the only news as me and Mandy have just opened our exhibition at the LCB Cube Gallery here in Leicester. It will be open until the 24th of December and I encourage everyone in the area to come and have a look of course. For those who are far away here a some pics

L1020914-1  L1020923-3  L1020929-5 L1020930-6 L1020943-7

It is great to get back to work again though. Yesterday was the first day back where I was working on my own stuff at the studio. It always takes a while to get back into it after a break and especially now since I have not done any litho for almost 6 weeks I think. But of course after a few minutes of finding out where everything is and remembering where I left off it was a piece of cake.

Before the old studio closed I had just started working on a two coloured print of a molotov cocktail.


There I am drawing one layer back at the old place. It always astounds me how much the appearance of the tusche changes after you etch it and roll it up with ink for the first time. But I love it, you can never really predict how it will look. You can see the difference here in the smoke area at the top. I just find it so fascinating, hope I’m not the only one.


Here are the two stones together. It appears that the sheet of newsprint that was on top to protect the one on the left has stuck to the stone during the move, maybe because it has been humid as hell for the last weeks! But that just washed right off and was of no bother to the printing.


I will continue these in the following weeks, proofing and printing. Will hopefully have a finished two coloured proof next week.


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