6 months of litho, Our Big Move and poster printing.

Today it is exactly 6 months since I started my fellowship in stone lithography at Leicester Print Workshop. It is amazing thinking back at when it started and seeing how much I have learned during this period and then looking ahead and see how much there is still to learn, which is a lot! I’m not going to go through what exactly I have learned or done but if your interested I suggest reading my very first post and taking it from there.


This month the Workshop is closed due to their Big Move which they have been planning for ages. The Print Workshop is moving to a new location at St George Street in the Cultural Quarter of Leicester.  The launch weekend will be on the 7th and 8th November and anyone in the Leicester area should definitely come and take a look, a lot of work will be on display and me and Mandy will be printing some lithography live.

So for the next few weeks I will be working from home, taking a break from printing. The timing is actually quite good since me and Mandy are planning an exhibition at the LCB Gallery in Leicester, more specifically in the LCB Depot, this coming November. There is still a lot of work to be done but we just printed a poster for the exhibition last week and I think that is the only thing that is ready for the exhibition. Let’s take a look:


Above is the original design of the poster made ever so skilfully in Photoshop.

L1020801 copy L1020811 copy

And here is the finished poster (at least for now). Took ages of course but we got 20 beautiful and unique posters out of it. Yeahhh!


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