Back to the stones

I am back again in Newark after a summer holiday in Iceland, so that means I am back at the Leicester Print Workshop doing more lithography as well. It was really nice to get away for a few weeks and to be in a completely different environment. I think over this time I kind of got a clearer vision of what I want to experiment with for the upcoming months. I am filled with inspiration and energy, I want to work, print and have greasy fingers, take risks and mess up and create something beautiful out of the mess!


But first we have to rewind a bit, and check out this piece of unfinished business I left behind in June. I was just starting to prepare a second layer for my Dancing girl print which I had just printed but I felt needed a bit of colour. I had already drawn the stone before my holiday so I was quite anxious to actually print it when I came back.


I used a few different tusches for the drawing and tried rubbing a bit of noir a monter to try and a get a solid colour for the lady’s dress. I made a silly mistake when I was trying to make some sort of pattern on the rug on the floor as I drew some flowers on there with gum arabic and then painted over with water dissolved tusche and the gum and the ink just blended together (I should have used turps dissolved tusche), so it looked a bit strange.

I am still getting the hang of using all the tusches and I find it quite hard to predict how strong the washes will actually turn out and so of course some were very, very light and needed some extra TLC to print properly but in the end printed nicely and I was very happy with the result! (like I usually am even though I have doubted the print from the very beginning).

L1020394 L1020397

Here is our attempt to get some of the lighter areas to print more clearly. We (Serena and myself) rolled the stone up with some very runny Litho/Relief ink and plate oil using a glazed roller and dusted it very generously with french chalk in between roll ups. This worked like a charm after we let it stew over night and I got a lot more details out of the stone as a result.

L1020420 copy

And here she is in all her glory! The dancing girl!

My next project will be a bit more experimental, I have already started it and I am very excited to keep working on it. It will be a smoky delicious!


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