The dancing girl

I have now been a lithography fellow at Leicester Print Workshop for two months! It has gone by really fast but still it feels like it has been for much longer. I can definitely feel myself getting more comfortable with the techniques although it kind of comes in waves, some days I feel very confident but others not so much and then things go a bit awry.

Photos taken by Annie Evans

I have now learned that everything takes a long time and you have to have a lot of patience. I am therefor working on three stones simultaneously so I can always keep myself busy when one or two of the stones are resting (and believe me they rest a lot!). At the moment I am calling my stones The dancing girl, fjall (mountain) and negative test stone, very creative title the last one. The dancing girl is the one I have gotten furthest with so I will show you a bit more of it now.

I wanted to experiment more with washes as I have only done one test stone with washes but the detailed brush strokes and random textures that they make really appeal to me. I made a whimsical drawing of a dancing girl, at first I wasn’t very happy with it but I just thought, fuck it, I’ll print it any way. And I am glad that I did! Now I really like it!

Here is the drawing of the girl and a variety of washes hanging out around the edges.

I used some charbonnel writing ink and both turps and water diluted tusche. The charbonnel ink is all the brown parts you can see. Later I saw that a lot of my writing ink had been diluted too much and it wasn’t really coming up when I etched and inked up the stone.

L1010690 copy
First proof of The dancing girl.

As you can see here on the print the walls have almost completely disappeared. So I just etched it all away and printed again.

L1010697 copy
Second proof of The dancing girl.

Now the walls are just clean and white and much better I must say. It can be a bit dangerous etching things off like this in the middle of an image as you can very easily etch something away that you don’t want to etch away and then there is very little you can do. And of course this happened here, if you look closely you can see a grey patch on the edge of her dress on the right hand side and a bit on the table as well. But oh well, I’m still getting the hang of this.

Catch you later!


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