A work in progress

Two or three weeks ago I started working on my first stone that was supposed to be a little bit more than a test stone, so I decided to do two layers, one black and one in colour. I also decided to do a gradient colour, just to complicate matters a bit more and to make it a bit more of a challenge.

L1010459 copy
Unprepared I started outlining my image with charcoal.

Here I am starting my drawing, later I realized that I had made a big mistake using pencil to create my frame, as these lines started to print and I had to etch them off twice and also try to scratch them off. I am still not sure whether they are completely gone or not.

Here is the drawing on the stone and then the print after 11 proofs.

I then had to draw on a second stone to be able to add a coloured layer.

Here is that stone and the steps that the stone goes through before it is printed:


  1. Stone right after drawing.
  2. Stone after etching and inking with non drying black.
  3. Stone with ink washed out, they grey image is the grease that the stone has absorbed.
  4. Stone with actual printing ink, ready to go!


Here we go, second layer in beautiful colours!

I was hoping that this print would be complete by now but in true lithography style of course it is not. I had to re-etch both of my my stones a few times and then of course the ink needs a long time to dry in between printing the two layers. Now I just can’t wait to print the black layer on top of these ones to complete the image!


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