Discovering one of the secrets of lithography

I first studied lithography when I was in Berlin a couple of years ago. I was doing an exchange semester at UdK and this was my only class that whole summer. It was taught by an older German guy who didn’t speak a word of English and was apparently very feared by all the students who actually could understand him. I didn’t really speak any German so our communication was basically me saying Ich verstehe nicht! and him shaking his head at me. As a result I never learned as much as I should have and now I am slowly discovering all these secrets that I missed out on. One of these “secrets” is that you can actually keep working on your stone after you have started printing, making some amendments, fixing and erasing stuff.

Nitric acid – full strength!

You can do this by etching, scratching, scouring and drawing with some soap. As you can’t always foresee how the stones will actually print this comes in very handy for getting the best results possible from each stone as you can.

Above: original print. Below: print after amendments.

I did some amendments on my first stone but they were so minor that I won’t bore you with them but I’ll go straight to my amendments on the second stone. By that time I had gained a little more self confidence although the changes on the stone are not very dramatic, but you get the idea.

Parts that I have tampered with.

Voila! I see endless possibilities ahead!

Next time I will show you my beautiful gradient print, it will be amazing. Don’t miss out!


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