My second stone! Jeii

I have now drawn and printed my second stone! This one was a lot more intricate than the first one as I used all kinds of liquid inks and tusches and they require some more love and attention, especially during the etching stages.

Stone in the first stages of the drawing process.

There are a few different methods you can use for these ink drawings as you can mix them with either water or turpentine to get different effects, you can also use a soap based solution and indian ink, you can scratch and gum and basically have a lot of fun with it.

The finished drawing on the stone.

After the drawing there is quite a bit of uncertainty as you can’t really predict how the stone will print (or at least I am not at that stage yet!). You have to etch the stone with different strength formulas of gum arabic and nitric acid depending on the lightness or darkness of the drawing and how much detail you need to preserve. So I went kind of blind into the etching process, with the help of Serena of course, but I really had no idea what I was doing or what would actually happen to the drawing.

Here is the stone after the first etch (left) and then after the initial inking (right).

As the stone gets printed it slowly starts to pick up more ink with each print and the image gets darker and areas that seemed so light in the beginning that I didn’t think they would print at all even start to become quite clear. Here is the stone after eleven prints and you can see how dark it has gotten.


It is quite cool to see how it changes and how the different inks print, for example most of my soap based ink didn’t print at all and my water based ink was much darker than I had anticipated.

L1010485 copy

The final print!

I love the fact that you there is only so much you can control in this process, the stone just kind of goes in it’s own direction and you have to accept what it gives you. Here is a little detail that shows the drawing on the stone and then the final print on paper, really completely different and the end result is pleasantly surprising I must say!

Drawing on stone (left) and then printed on paper (right).



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